Join us for WellnessLIVE! These 30 minutes live sessions give you the opportunity to interact and learn from Loma Linda University Health experts. You will be able to ask questions and make comments during the session and learn from leaders in the field on each wellness topic. You may also view sessions on demand by clicking “WellnessLIVE on Demand” tab below. Each session is streamed live on this page and on LLUH’s YouTube page.

Can Pickleball be one of the Best Public Health Interventions Yet?

Understanding Your Health Plan

The Truth About Detox Diets: Separating Fact From Fiction

Aging Parents - Navigating Their Care

The Uterus is an End Organ


What is Healthy Sleep and How Can You Get It?

Visit eeds event portal website and search by the presentation title/ speaker name.  Watch the content, complete a short post test (2-3 questions) and obtain CME certificate.

Whole Health and You

Visit eeds event portal website and search by the presentation title/ speaker name.  Watch the content, complete a short post test (2-3 questions) and obtain CME certificate.

The Big Blue; Seas and Our Wellbeing

Tis' the season for healthier skin – what to do, and what not to do, for your skin.

A Whole Person Care Approach to Diabetes Management

Strengthening Your Resiliency

Wellness in Your Finances

Common Questions about Dental Health

"No Man is an Island" - Our Need for Community

High Dosed Lifestyle Change for Disease Remission

Nuts About Healthy Aging!

Emotional Safety in the Workplace

Spirituality for Times of Crisis

Liver Health

Stress and Unhealthy Eating Behaviors: Cause or Effect?

COVID-19: A look back on 2020/2021

Don't Let Asthma and COPD take your breath away!

The Effects of Screen Time on School-Age Children's Physical and Mental Health

Wisdom From the World's First Resiliency Capital for Overcoming What Life Throws Your Way

Raising the Bar for the Sports Physical: a successful season begins in the exam room

Finding Joy

Dietary Lessons Learned from the Adventist Health Study

MyChart! How to Get the Most out of Your Patient Portal Experience

Jeffrey Kim, MD

Eating Well for Decreasing Inflammation

JeJe Noval, MS, PhD, RDN, CLT

Updating LLU on COVID-19 Vaccines

Michael D. Hogue, PharmD, FAPhA, FNAP

Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Purvi Parwani, MBBS

Ellen G. White and Psychology: What Went Wrong and Why It Matters

Adam Aréchiga, PsyD, DrPH

Think Thanks

Karl Haffner, PhD

Exercising on Empty

Peter Bastian, MD

RICA - Resiliency Institute of Childhood Adversity

Amy Young, MD

Community Garden Partnerships

Juan Carlos Belliard

Treating Neuropathic Pain and Whole Person Care

Mark Bussell, DPT, OCS

Beating Anxiety

Adam L. Aréchiga, PsyD, DrPH

Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist

Michael Hogue, Pharm.D., FAPhA, FNAP

Finding Wellness in a Busy and Demanding Life

Trevor Wright, FACHE

A Blue Christmas?

Randy Roberts, DMin, LMFT

Grieving and the Holidays

Meal Timing - Does It Matter When You Eat?

April Wilson, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACLM

We'll discuss the evidence behind the timing and frequency of meals and dive into which meals are most beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic disease

Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

Lizette O. Norton, MBA

Distinguishing the differences between negative and positive conflict is the first step in moving to collaboration

Real Relationships in a Virtual World

DP Harris, PhD

Discuss tools and tips for making the best use of social media to create and enhance relationships in the real world

Managing Through a Crisis

Beverly Buckles, DSW

Learn about the challenges and opportunities for leaders in assisting employees in facing the effects of trauma and crisis to create a healthy workplace

"I Was Told I Have Sleep Apnea"

Ramiz Fargo, MD

Sleep Apnea is a very common sleep condition. Learn more about what causes it, the risks it poses to your health, and how it can be treated

The Biological Basis of Tribalism

Ronald L. Carter, PhD

We will explore from an ethologist's point of view our conscious and unconscious drive toward tribalism

Your Gut and You

Brian Bull, MD

Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Pain Management

Eugene Pak, MD

Discussion on lower back pain: types, causes, and treatment options

Primary Care and the Need for Greater Access and Continuity in the Delivery of Healthcare

Daniel Reichert, MD

We will explore the need and benefit of these central principles in the delivery of Primary Care and the barriers to their fullest realization

Family Fun with Food Prep

Esmerelda Valluru, MS, RD

In this session, we will explore research on the impact of family meals and ways to make it easier for families to dine together.

The Gift of Gratitude

Carl Ricketts, Jr. M.Div.

Sometimes we view the glass as half empty instead of half full. Do you want the positivity of the half full view? Please join us for an inspirational presentation on the freedom that gratitude brings. 

Men's Health – Prostate, Bladder, and Testosterone

Roger Hadley, MD

Have you noticed that as you get older your bladder becomes smaller, your PSA grows greater and your sexual vitality wanes? Tune in and we will bring you up to date on these issues. 

The molecules behind a healthy longevity

Penelope Duerksen-Hughes, Ph.D.

Studies on populations, including those of Seventh-day Adventists, have told us that a variety of factors and choices can influence both how long we live and how healthy we are while we are alive. We are learning that many of the factors that determine how long and how well we live is up to us – the decision is in our hands! 

ABCs of Vaccines: Facts vs. Myths

Noreen Chan Tompkins, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID

Ever wonder if what you hear about vaccines is true? Join this presentation to learn important facts about vaccines. 

Life's Legalities

Christian W. Johnston, Esq.

During our lives we must make important decisions that will affect those we care about the most. Attorney Chris Johnston will endeavor to simplify the complex legalities involved in making these decisions. 

The Well Woman Exam and Prevention, Whats New and What do I do?

Courtney Martin, DO

Medicine is constantly changing, as are recommendations for the well woman visit and preventative information. We will go through what you need to know, questions to ask, and new things we are looking for to take great care of you.

Current understanding of the key to the gate for timing of birth

Steven Yellon, MD

Understanding the complex coordination of fetal maturation and maternal preparations for birth will provide insights into processes that result in babies born too early or past their due date. 

Maximize your visual potential!

Michael Rauser, MD

Everyone values the gift of sight. Yet it is easy to take good vision for granted. Dr. Rauser will review practical tips and cutting edge technology to maximize your visual potential.

Advanced Directives- The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family

Gina Mohr, MD

Learn why having a conversation with your loved ones and completing an AD are important to ensure you get the type of care you desire when it matters most. 

Diet & Cancer Risk

Michael J. Orlich, MD, PhD

Learn more about the Adventist Health Study – 2 (AHS-2) and some key results.  We’ll focus on recent results relating dietary patterns to this risk of major cancers.  We’ll end by reviewing sensible dietary strategies to help minimize the risk of developing cancer.

Cancer Screening and Prevention

Mark Reeves, MD, PhD

Tune in to learn more about the most important ways to prevent and screen for common cancers.

Wellness: I Just Don't Have the Time

Lyndon Edwards, MBA, MHS

We’re all very busy with work, family, church and other activities. How do you find time to exercise and take intentional actions to live a healthier life? This seminar will discuss how one busy hospital executive finds time for wellness.

The Power of Gratitude

Dilys, Brooks, MDiv

How grateful are you?  Studies show that feelings of gratitude actually contribute to overall health.  Join this presentation and learn practical ways to access the power of gratitude in your life.

Diabetes and the Holidays

Kevin Codorniz, MD

Want to enjoy the holidays and the food and still stay healthy?  Holiday parties and family gatherings can present a special challenge when it comes to eating healthy – especially for people who are trying to prevent or control diabetes.  Learn how to stay healthy during the holiday season.  

Beating Burnout

Roger Woodruff, MD

Everyone gets stressed out once in a while. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with your responsibilities, it could be burnout.  In this seminar, you’ll find out what causes burnout, discover how to recognize it within yourself, and learn steps you can take to head it off.

The Power of Community Service

Richard Hart, MD, DrPH

Join this presentation and learn more about the health benefits of engaging in community service.  

Dental Health

John B. Won, DDS, MS, FACP

Oral health is an essential part of staying healthy. Join us and learn more about the importance of maintaining good oral health.

10 Rules for traveling safely: ensuring your next vacation isn't a disaster!

Ehren Ngo, MS, EMT-P

We all live for vacations: a chance to get a way, relax, and see new places. But when we are away, a lot can go wrong- both at home and on our trip. Join us to learn about travel safety and security so you can truly relax when you take that next trip!

Understanding Autism

Vidhya Krishnamurthy, PhD, and Pilar Pichon, MD

According to the CDC, 1 out of 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Join us for this free, educational live stream and learn more about autism.

The Beat Goes On: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Anthony Hilliard, MD FACC

Do you know your risk of heart disease? Join us to learn more about heart health, risk prevention and managing heart disease.

Everyday Foods to Fight Cancer

Andrew Woodward, MS, RD, CSO

Join us to learn more about everyday foods that have the tremendous potential of fighting cancer.

Social Connectedness

Ritchie Pruehs

A sense of belonging, connectedness and engagement in the places and spaces that matter to us is critical to our physical, mental health and well-being. Join us and explore why social connectedness is important to our health and well-being.

The Hope of a New Beginning

Terry Swenson, DMin, MDiv

Everyone needs a new beginningwhether it is from a personal failing, tragic past, or in the desire to pursue a dream. Join us to learn several strategies that can help you experience renewal. 

Profound Loss & The Holiday Season

Kathy McMillan, MA, RN

The holidays can be difficult when you have experienced loss. The loss can be a person, pet, job, or relationship. Join us to learn several strategies that can help you or someone you know embrace the holidays. 

Finances & The Future

Mark Hubbard, SVP Risk Management

Finances can be a large source of stress. Learn strategies that can help you prepare for your financial future. 

Ergonomics Matter

Lynn Thornstrom

Do you know the correct chair height for your work station? Learn how to set up a healthy, ergonomic workspace to keep you comfortable and injury-free.


Preston Brown

The best way to protect your home and family from fire should always be at the top of your to-do list. Learning the basics of fire safety is the first step in fighting fire- and it just so happens to be the most important. Join us to learn more about the basics of fire safety.

The Internet: Protect Yourself

Rick Duvall

What does it mean to protect yourself online? Why should you do it? Learn more about protecting yourself while using the internet. 

How to Mend Broken Relationships

Randall Walker MS, LMFT

Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing. Learn how to mend broken relationships. 

Vegging Out This Summer

Chef Cory Gheen

Vegetables can actually be delicious! Join us to learn strategies to help get the picky eater in your family start trying and loving vegetables.

You're Raising my Heart Rate! Cardiovascular Exercise Basics

Ronald Rea, DScPT

You know cardiovascular exercise is important, but what exactly is it? Learn more about cardiovascular exercise from our expert! 

Getting to the Heart of What's Important

Anthony Hilliard, MD

February is Heart Month: Take advantage of a free heart health presentation. Cardiologist, Dr. Anthony Hilliard, will speak about heart health, risk prevention and managing heart disease.

Serving & Self: How a Life of Service Can Impact Your Life

Tina Pruna, MPH

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However the benefits of volunteering impact you, your family and your community. Learn more about the benefits of service and how to make volunteering a part of your life.

Resolutions and Debunking Popular Diets

Caitlin McKee

Every January, the topics of healthy eating and weight loss take center stage in the press and on social media. Making healthy food choices are not always easy.  There are many diets to choose from, but not all of them are healthy.

Stress Free Holidays: Yes, It's Possible!

Shelby Roemer, LMFT

Stay safe and stress-free with some great advice and tips!

The Truth About Diabetes

Debbie Clausen, MSN, FNP, CDE

Great presentation regarding what Diabetes is and what steps can be taken to manage it!

Vegetarianism, Is It Worth It?

Esmerelda Guerrero, MS, RD

Vegetarianism is a great way to jump start your healthy living plan!

Take a Stand Against Sitting "Disease"

Ernie Medina, DrPH

Using a standing desk is more important than you might initially think!

Disaster Preparedness: What's in Your Toolbox

Brett McPherson, RN, BSN

Make sure that you're prepared should a disaster strike!

In Pursuit of Peace

Dilys Brooks, MDiv, MS, MA

Finding peace matters more to your health than you think!