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March 7, 2013

Minority high school students take look at health professions at CAPS My Campus event

Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS) hosted another successful My Campus: Minority Youth in the Health Professions event Sunday, February 24, thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers and staff.

The quarterly My Campus events are designed as a fun, interactive way to introduce minority high school students to the health professions.

The Winter 2013 edition of this program featured the School of Behavioral Health, the School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy, and it was a great educational experience for the high school student attendees, as well as a great time for all LLU student volunteers to share their knowledge and passion for the health professions.

First, the School of Behavioral Health presented information on social work and marital counseling specialties, providing games and teamwork to illustrate what these professions entail.

Then, the high school students took a trip to West Hall, where they got hands-on experience, learning wound wrapping and care, taking blood pressure and measuring reflexes in the simulation lab with the volunteers from School of Nursing.

Next up was the School of Pharmacy presentation, during which students learned about compounding medications and where they got to make their very own hand sanitizer to take home.

Thereafter, the students took part in speed mentoring with volunteers from different LLU schools, always a favorite with the high school students.

Lastly, students and volunteers feasted on haystacks while listening to the inspirational student speaker Melissa Charles, Ph.D., M.D.(c).

If opportunities like this spark your interest, contact the CAPS office at caps@llu.edu to learn how you get involved.

The Spring 2013 edition of this program will feature the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine.

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