Weekly Time of Prayer

You have anointed my head with oil; Ps 23:5

David remembers that the source of his authority and calling is found only in Yahweh.  When God makes promises He always keeps them.  It was more than twenty years from David’s anointing by Samuel until he was anointed king of Judah and then later Israel.  Those years were filled with jealousy, homelessness, war, death, nomadic travels and treachery.

The journey from the time a promise is made by God to its realization is filled with valleys, crevices, highs and lows.  The trip is carefully mapped out for each of us to learn surrender and dependence on God.  Our Loma Linda University Health community has many strengths and one mission.  No matter the experiences this day brings, let us not forget that Gos is with us.


Heavenly Father, anoint each of us with the Holy Spirit today so that we can do the work we have before us.  Help each of us to remember like David that the source of our life, strength, joy and ability comes from You.  While we wait on the promise of eternal life give us all we need to work together to fulfill the mission of LLUH.

- Prayer Thought for 04/25/2017

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