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February 21, 2013

Unique faculty program offers 'formative dialogues' on teaching

A unique LLU program, Formative Dialogues on Teaching, makes available to any faculty member an opportunity to have a friendly, informal and completely confidential dialogue on classroom experiences with a Colleague of the Formative Dialogues on Teaching program.

Each Colleague has been trained in the art of providing truly formative support on any classroom issue about which a faculty member may have a concern.

If this program looks like something that may enhance your classroom experience, contact Colleague on the list below. They are waiting for calls or emails asking them to come, observe and talk. The Colleagues of Formative Dialogues on Teaching are ready to talk whenever they're needed.

Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Colleague, contact Gail Rice, program director, at grice@llu.edu.

Faculty Colleague list

Name Campus Mailing Address Email Address
Art Kroetz SAHP akroetz@llu.edu
Barbara Orr SM borr@llu.edu
Bonnie Meyer West Hall bmeyer@llu.edu
Brenda Pfeiffer Nichol Hall
Dept. Rad. Tech
Bruce Wilcox SM bwilcox@llu.edu
Carlene Drake LIB cdrake@llu.edu
Danilo Boskovic Mortensen Hall dboskovie@llu.edu
Dolores Wright SN djwright@llu.edu
Doyle Nick SD dnick@llu.edu
Ed Albrecht SD ealbrecht@llu.edu
Edelweiss Ramal WH 3750 eramal@llu.edu
Gail Rice SAHP grice@llu.edu
Grenith Zimmerman NH A520 gzimmerman@llu.edu
Heather Javaherian SAHP hjavaherian@llu.edu
Judy Peters SN jpeters@llu.edu
Kathy Davis SAHP kdavis@llu.edu
Kerby Oberg SM koberg@llu.edu
Kristin Woodward Student SN kwoodward@llu.edu
Lane Thomsen Prince Hall lthomson@llu.edu
Linda Davis West Hall 1303 ldavis@llu.edu
Marian Llaguno West Hall mllaguno@llu.edu
Nancy Kawahara Pharmacy nkawahara@llu.edu
Nancy Testerman SN West Hall ntesterman@llu.edu
Naomi Modeste SPH nmodeste@llu.edu
Nelia Wurangian LIB nwurangian@llu.edu
Nerida Bates Alumni Hall
Micro Dept.
Peggy Burns West Hall pburns@llu.edu
Penny Miller SN pmiller@llu.edu
Raghad Sulaiman SD raghadsulaiman@yahoo.com
Richard Rice SR rrice@llu.edu
Rodney Roath SAHP rroath@llu.edu
Shanthi Soloman 1153 West Hall ssoloman@llu.edu
Sharon Pavlovich SAHP spavlovich@llu.edu
Shirley Lee SD shlee@llu.edu
Susan Richards PH 4406 srichards@llu.edu
Tamara Thomas SOM CP-1116-F
Emerg Med
Wil Alexander Family Medicine walexander@llu.edu
Willie Davis SP wldavis@llu.edu
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