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May 3, 2018

Vanpool seats available for High Desert commuters

The Rideshare Department is excited to announce available seats for vanpools transporting High Desert employees to and from Loma Linda University Health.

The schedule and list of departure/campus destination locations are below. Please note that new stops on campus can be added to accommodate new riders.

Ride for free for one week by contacting the Rideshare at ext. 53033 or rideshare@llu.edu.

Joining a vanpool saves money on fuel, tires and oil changes, and it may qualify you for a reduction in automobile insurance rates (varies per insurance company). In addition to these savings, vanpool members are automatically enrolled in quarterly gift card raffles and receive preferred parking.

Schedule and locations

Van 1 - Phelan/Hesperia

AM departure time: 5:30-6:30 AM
LLUH locations: BMC
PM departure time: 3-3:30 PM
This van is flexible on AM departure time up to 2 hours

Van 2 - Park & Ride Amargosa Rd

AM departure time: 6:50 AM
LLUH destinations: 101/MC/MVP
PM departure time: 5 PM (M-TH), 2 PM (FR)

Van 3 - Park & Ride Amargosa Rd

AM departure time: 6:20 AM
LLUH destinations: FPBO Hosp Lane
PM departure time: 4:30 PM (M-TH), 1:30 PM (FR)

Van 5 - Park & Ride Amargosa Rd

AM departure time: 6:40 AM
LLUH destinations: LLUH/Magan Hall/MVP
PM departure time: 5 PM (M-TH), 2 PM (FR)

Van 6 - Park & Ride Joshua Tree/Hwy 395

AM departure time: 6 AM
LLUH destinations: MC
PM departure time: 7:30 PM

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