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April 6, 2009

PeoplePortal employee self-service system begins rollout

What is PeoplePortal?
It is a gateway to your information.

What kind of information?
  • Your personal, payroll, and paycheck information using the new PeopleSoft Employee Self Service system
    • Home and mailing address
    • Phone numbers and e-mail
    • Emergency contacts
    • Name, marital status, date of birth
    • Education level, military status
    • Direct deposit
    • Federal and State withholding
    • On-line paycheck
  • Your performance appraisals using the Performance Manager system
  • Loma Linda job listings using the Position Manager system
  • Your time & attendance information using the upcoming API system—More information coming in 2009
How will I get on board?
You will be notified via campus email when your personal access has been granted. The e-mail from “PeopleSoft Support” will contain detailed instructions on how to sign in to the PeoplePortal and PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. If you do not currently have a campus e-mail, you will be notified by your manager when one has been assigned to you.

From where can I connect?
  • From the campus VIP or LLU Home page
  • From home or other Internet location
What do I need to do?
Watch for your PeoplePortal Passport handout from your department and your e-mail from “PeopleSoft Support” which will be distributed April through May. The phased rollout to all employees should be complete by June 2009.

What if I need more support?
You will have access to on-line user guides, e-mail assistance, and Call Center support.
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