December 22, 2016

Students reflect on 'Living Our Mission' Jan. 11

Tony Valenzuela, DPT, EdD, will moderate a panel of LLU students during a workshop titled "Living Our Mission: LLU Students Serve," part of the Wil Alexander Wholeness Series, from 5:00 to 5:50 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11, in the Centennial Complex Damazo Amphitheater.

At this workshop, LLU students will share personal stories of service in our community. Students will:

  • share the impact of service on their lives and the rewards obtained,
  • relate their fears and concerns about service,
  • express how this experience impacts their future professions and has inspired community involvement.

Reservations are not required and seating is available to accommodate large crowds. Everyone is invited to attend Wil Alexander Wholeness Series workshops.

For more information about this workshop or the Wil Alexander Wholeness Series, call the School of Allied Health Professions Portfolio Office at ext. 83378.

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