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May 7, 2015

Visit new health plan website

Olivia Moses, DrPH (right), interviews Mark Hubbard, senior vice president, about the health plans offered by Loma Linda University Health.

One of many benefits of working at Loma Linda University Health is the affordable and comprehensive health insurance it offers its employees. The organization chooses to run its own health plans in order to make certain of this.

Loma Linda University Health also offers a variety of Living Whole wellness services to employees, such as programs to help lose weight, stop smoking and manage diabetes. Learn about the health plans and these wellness benefits at a new website that puts all the information in one place. Visit myllu.llu.edu/livingwhole, where you will also find healthy recipes, educational videos, individualized learning modules, walking maps and wellness handouts to share with friends and family.

The website also offers the ability to sign up for cooking demonstrations, monthly Living Whole webinars and the weight and diabetes management programs.

One of the videos on the website (also embedded below) features Mark Hubbard, senior vice president for risk management and payroll, explaining how Loma Linda University Health offers superior health plans for employees.

“We are self-insured in part because we want to be able to control both our costs as well as the benefits that we provide to our employees,” Hubbard says. “Our costs have gone up very modestly over time, and in contrast to a lot of other employers, we’ve been very focused on avoiding shifting costs back to our employees. “

How so? While many other employers have systematically increased the cost of health coverage per month, Loma Linda University Health has rarely increased the price of coverage for full-time employees. Additionally, unlike with the majority of health plans, employees at Loma Linda University Health don’t pay an annual deductible — which averages about $1,200 per year at many places — before their health insurance kicks in.

Furthermore, last year Loma Linda University Health launched the Wholeness Plan to empower employees to take a greater role in managing their own health. In addition to costing less than the base plan, employees joining the Wholeness Plan also received the benefit of a comprehensive wellness check with biometric screening. This helps employees understand their own health so they can make positive steps to improve their wellness.

“This has been a great opportunity for employees to get a very comprehensive health assessment and better understand where they can invest in their own health,” Hubbard says, noting that the results are kept confidential are not used to qualify or disqualify employees from coverage.

Learn more about the benefits of health plans at Loma Linda University Health in this video, during which Hubbard is interviewed by Olivia Moses, DrPH, wellness program administrator in the department of risk management. 

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