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October 23, 2013

Campus Ministries welcomes new staff member

K.C. Hohensee and his wife, Natalie Hohensee

The Campus Ministries team extends a tremendous thank-you to an outgoing staff member--and welcomes a new one.

Jael Amador, formerly coordinator of events and student outreach, is leaving Campus Ministries to devote her time to her doctorate studies and takes with her prayers and best wishes as she forges ahead on her goals. Ms. Amador will help out with her particular expertise from time to time as needed.

Taking Ms. Amador's place is a new--and familiar--face: K.C. Hohensee.

Mr. Hohensee's ministry for ministry and building relationships began during his teenage years. During his 19 years in ministry, he has helped three young-adult church plants, including Re:Live, the young-adult ministry of the Loma Linda University Church.

Mr. Hohensee is a graduate of La Sierra University and looks forward to pursuing a master's degree in ministry. He and his wife, Natalie Hohensee, D.D.S., have been married for four years, and they expect their first child--a girl--in February.

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