Accounting Systems
Office of the Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs

The goal of having this web presence for Financial Affairs is to provide you with useful information about the services we provide and functions we perform within the Office of Financial Affairs.

Our mission is to provide you with financial services in a manner that best supports the university in achieving its mission to participate in Jesus Christ's ministry 'to make man whole' by bringing health, healing, wholeness, and hope to humanity through education, health care, and research.

One of our goals is to provide the highest level of service in support of the University's mission. Your feedback is a valuable tool in helping us evaluate our performance and effectiveness.


Rodney Neal Rodney D. Neal - MBA
Senior VP Financial Affairs
Drew Ray Sherry B. Albano
Drew Ray - CPA, MBA
Director of Accounting - University
Sherry Yap - MBA
Director of Accounting - Foundation



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