Weekly Time of Prayer

Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; For I trust in You;  Teach me the way in which I should walkPsalm 143:8 NASB

Listening for the voice of God can be challenging when we are distracted by all of our responsibilities and the expectations of our family, employers and community.  Failure to listen to God through the reading of scripture, prayer or times of silence and solitude may cause us to focus on our present circumstances .  This can obscure  all the ways that God has cared for us and responded to our needs in the past.  Thankfully we can pray these words uttered by a man after God’s own heart with confidence. 


Heavenly Father, tune our ears to perceive your desires for each of us who work at LLUH this day.  Help us to remember how you have answered our prayers in the past; supported us through difficulties and protected us from harm.  Renew our faith and teach us the way to walk as we serve others.

- Prayer Thought for 02/27/2018