February 25, 2013

Experience 2013 tour to explore Bible history

Picture yourself standing before the Western Wall of the temple in Jerusalem or walking through the fabled city of Petra. Make that picture reality.

Professors Bailey Gillespie and Richard Rice will lead Experience 2013, a two week tour of Israel, Jordan and Turkey June 24 through July 8.

Since 1983, Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Rice's tours of the Middle East are known for providing travelers with a wealth of information together with a lifetime of memories.

Experience 2013 costs include first-class hotels, breakfast and dinner, transfers and tips and the services of first-rate local guides.

For more information about Experience 2013, email Bailey Gillespie at bgillesp@lasierra.edu or Richard Rice at rrice@llu.edu; or visit the tour Web site at experiencetours.info.

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