February 14, 2019

Presenting a parking-focused edition

Like many medical and academic campuses, Loma Linda University Health deals with a limited amount of space for parking lots and garages. Compounding the issue is the construction of a new hospital complex. Thousands of construction workers have joined the mix of patients, employees, students and guests who drive to campus.

Paramount concerns are campus safety, patient access to services and treatments, passage for emergency vehicles, and handicapped-accessible parking. To meet such needs, parking is regulated by administration-set policies codified in the “Parking Regulations” document (also found in the Online Parking System). 

Every employee and student must obtain and renew an annual parking permit, which sets forth that individual’s only designated parking area(s). When creating or renewing their annual permit, all employees and students agree each year to abide by the Parking Regulations.

To help you do that, the Feb. 14 issue of News of the Week is dedicated to all matters parking. The stories are designed to help you understand the issues and learn helpful tips. However, definitive information can only be found in the Parking Regulations. 

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