February 14, 2019

Changes coming to parking

Loma Linda University Health administrators, and the staff of the Department of Parking & Traffic, are always looking for ways to better serve employees in their pursuit of getting to work.

Two big enhancements are upcoming. 

Gate for P2 garage

The gates at the entrance of parking garage P2 will be lowered beginning in March. This change will allow more employees who work in the Medical Center and Children’s Hospital to get spots in this primo real estate.

Here’s how it will work. A license plate reader will scan the plates of vehicles entering P2. Vehicles that aren’t tied to an appropriate employee permit will be advised to turn around. Vehicles linked to an employee with the right permit will be allowed to enter — but not more than one vehicle per account at a time will be granted access. Make sure you have your own account today.

This change should ease congestion in P2 by preventing unauthorized family members of an employee parking in the garage.

Parking for Centennial Complex event guests

Another revision designed to ensure more parking for employees (and students) stipulates that attendees to events held at Centennial Complex may no longer park in lox X. Event guests must now park at lot SP on Shepardson Drive at the corner of Benton Street. From there, shuttles will drive guests to the venue. (There will be exceptions to this policy; requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.)

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