February 14, 2019

Making Tracs

Trac Nguyen has worked as a parking enforcement officer at Loma Linda University Health for eight years, and he has seen it all — the good, the bad and the urgent.   

Calm and focused, he describes his job as purpose-driven and sat down with News of the Week to share his perspective about the world of parking at an academic health sciences organization. 

Three takeaways from Trac

1. Understandably, nobody wants to receive a parking citation. On the other hand, nobody wants to need treatment at a hospital, or need to visit a sick loved one.

“The least we can do is let them park where they need to,” Trac said. 

 2. There are no goals or quotas for giving out a certain number of parking violation tickets.   

“It’s better to educate than to issue a citation,” he said. “Approach us with a good manner. If you do get a ticket, learn from it and spread the knowledge.”

3. Following a few directions pretty much guarantees a parking spot. Arrive early; know your designated lot; know your backup options. If need be, contact the parking office for advice.

“We will help you!” Trac said.