February 14, 2019

Vanpools — more customizable than you knew

The Rideshare department at Loma Linda University Health helps coordinate vanpools for employees with similar commutes. Members of each vanpool group share the cost of gasoline and the monthly vehicle lease amount. 

Interested? The team at Rideshare may be able to match you with one of several existing vanpools, or new vanpools may be formed if at least five employees with similar need agree to begin one. The new group members agree on vehicle selection (wifi and HD radio options may be available) and daily meeting points and times. 

Benefits of vanpooling may include financial savings, time in your day, and a little bit of fun.

Other commuting choices available to employees of Loma Linda University Health — often with financial or other incentives — include carpools or a commitment to biking, walking, or taking public transportation. 

Learn more: ext. 53033 or rideshare@llu.edu