February 14, 2019

MetroLink commuter benefits — coming soon

Loma Linda University Health is excited to announce it has joined the MetroLink Corporate Partner Program as a benefit to full- and part-time employees. The program will take effect in April. 

Significant savings will be possible for employees who ride MetroLink to work. You will be able to pay a large portion of your fares with pre-tax dollars of up to $265 monthly. This applies to purchase of monthly passes, seven-day passes, and roundtrip tickets.

Beyond tax savings and reduced personal vehicle expenses, employees will have access to the Rail 2 Rail ® Program and be eligible for a 25 percent fare discount for the first six months after the program goes live.

For purchases of monthly passes, a $25 subsidy will be granted each month; this is not applicable to seven-day or roundtrip tickets.

The nearest MetroLink station is in downtown San Bernardino, with access to Loma Linda via OmniTrans. If employee participation is high, Loma Linda University Health may offer a direct shuttle in the future. 

Interested in joining this program? Contact Rideshare at ext. 53033 or rideshare@llu.edu.