February 7, 2019

Business office closures for Presidents Day

Administrative and support departments at Loma Linda University Health will close for observance of Presidents Day on Monday, Feb. 18. This includes departments such as Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Marketing & Communications, administrative offices, and more. 

Employee Health Services, at both the Loma Linda and Murrieta locations, will be closed that day, impacting the schedule for TB tests as follows:

Loma Linda office: The last day to have a TB test placed prior to Presidents Day will be Wednesday, Feb. 13. Walk-in appointments that day will be available from 7–11:15 a.m., and appointments will be available beginning at 12:30 p.m. 

Murrieta office: The last day to have a TB test placed prior to Presidents Day will be Tuesday, Feb. 12. Please call 951-290-4571 to schedule an appointment.

Reminder: On-location TB test clinics will be offered at Children’s Hospital (Feb.19 placement/Feb. 21 read) and Murrieta hospital (Feb. 11 placement/Feb. 13 read). Details.

Payroll will not be able to process off-cycle checks Feb. 18–20. Additionally, please note the following information:

Holiday paid leave (not applicable to Loma Linda–Inland Empire Consortium for Healthcare Education)

Hourly employees

Any overtime accrued during a pay period with a holiday will automatically reduce the amount of holiday paid owed to the employee. This allows employees to preserve more of their paid leave balance. Should an employee wish to be paid overtime and the full amount of holiday paid leave, the employee needs to enter a manual Holiday PDL calendar request for their daily/scheduled hours (not to exceed daily or weekly approved hours).

Salaried employees (not applicable to LLU)

Salaried employees who work on a holiday are entitled to have their holiday paid leave returned to their paid leave bank. Employees must enter a calendar request using the date of the holiday, “Cancel Holiday” pay code, and hours = 8 to request this action. 

Loma Linda University and LLU Healthcare

Approvers will have until Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 10 a.m. to finalize and approve employee timecards.

The deadline for receipt of payroll adjustment forms is Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 5 p.m.

Questions? Contact Payroll at ext. 14004 or Payroll@llu.edu

Drayson Center will remain open for normal business.