January 10, 2019

Healthy Lifestyle Walkway inspires employees and pedestrians

Two of the signs

Employees and neighborhood residents alike can catch a little inspiration from a new series of signs along a portion of Barton Road sidewalk that features impactful photography and compelling quotations.

Called the Healthy Lifestyle Walkway, the art installation stretches the journey on Barton Road between the East Campus of Loma Linda University Medical Center and employee parking lot J (in front of Ronald McDonald House). 

East Campus administration intend the signs to encourage employees who traverse the sidewalk to work. Sages quoted on the signs include Maya Angelou, Mother Theresa and Socrates, with their words against a backdrop of uplifting photographs.

The project was a joint effort between East Campus administration, the Living Whole Wellness Program and the Aesthetics Committee at Loma Linda University Health.