February 25, 2016

Spiritual plan - 2016 to 2020: Built on a foundation of faithfulness

On the cover of the Loma Linda University Health Spiritual Plan (available here) is a picturesque depiction of the “Come Unto Me” sculpture that is adjacent to Loma Linda University Medical Center’s main entrance.

The bronze sculpture depicts Christ welcoming people of all ages into the circle of His friendship and healing.

The Loma Linda University Health Spiritual Plan encompasses many of the ways that the employees, students and volunteers of Loma Linda University Health are living the organization’s mission, “to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Christ.”

“The Spiritual Plan,” says Richard Hart, MD, DrPH, “Spans the years 2016 to 2020. It has been a product of a committee across this campus, embracing both the academic side and the health care side as we chart Loma Linda’s future. This is not a new direction; we have been doing this for 110 years. It is a reaffirmation of our principles, our values, who we are and what we are committed to.”

Dr. Hart introduces the plan in a short video here.

The Spiritual Plan is built around four principles of Loma Linda University Health’s strategic goals: wholeness (a fundamental part of Loma Linda University Health since its beginning); integration across the organization; growth; and the Loma Linda experience (the unique environment and ambiance that is created across campus).

According to Gerald Winslow, PhD, vice president for mission, the plan contains specific ways that employees, staff and faculty can be engaged in the plan's implementation. “Each of the plan’s 19 initiatives,” he says, “has been assigned to a lead office. Achievement of the plan will require the collaboration of thousands of colleagues led by hundreds of leaders.”

The support and participation of each member of Loma Linda University Health will make this an even stronger element of the very special culture at Loma Linda University Health.