September 19, 2013

Trivia of the week

Heather Hebron-Roybal. Katrina Freeland. Candice Gomez. Come on down! You are the winners of last week’s trivia challenge. To claim your prize, send an e-mail to

The answer was:

The early dreamers of Loma Linda University Health purchased the property for $40,000 (down from an original asking price of $110,000) with a $1,000 down payment personally secured by Adventist minister John Burden. When the date of the next scheduled payment of $5,000 arrived, not even a single dollar was in possession to meet it. Church leaders held an emergency meeting, and before long there wasn’t a dry eye in the room; a check for that exact amount arrived in the morning’s mail from an unknown donor in New Jersey. 

Today’s question may appeal to the amateur geographer in you.

LLU Medical Center and Children’s Hospital offer the only Level 1 trauma center in a four-county area of 40,000 square miles—roughly 25 percent of California’s land mass. The smallest of these four counties is ________ and is approximately _________ square miles in area.

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