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Research Administration

To request access to our systems, or for help in using our systems, contact the person listed for the area of interest.  Since usage of systems is related to business processes, the first contact for questions of this nature is someone in the related operational area.


Primary Systems


Useful Links

Research Affairs


x88544, ResearchAffairs@llu.edu


Grant Processing


x88544, ResearchAffairs@llu.edu


Clinical Trial Center

InfoEd, myLLU

x15002, ClinicalTrials@llu.edu


Financial Management (Banner)

InfoEd, myLLU

x44589, rafm@llu.edu 


Research Integrity

InfoEd, myLLU

Janice Quick-Wolfe, x88166 ResearchIntegrity@llu.edu


Research Protection Programs (IRB, IACUC)

InfoEd, myLLU

Linda Halstead, x44531, irb@llu.edu or iacuc@llu.edu 


Technology Transfer

InfoEd, myLLU

x44831, TechTransfer@llu.edu


Research Education


Linda Halstead, x44531 lhalstead@llu.edu


Animal Care


Patrick Bush, 44316, pbush@llu.edu


Information Services A to Z

Information Systems values

  • Service with a smile
  • Reachable
  • Available resources
  • Organized system
  • Internal Communication
  • Equipment maintenance reliable
  • Product or service knowledge
  • Forward thinking
  • Listening well – understanding message
  • Can do attitude – Service oriented
  • Internal Collaboration
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