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Nonnews Publications


Audrey Howard, Director

Eppie Manalo, Associate Director

Expected activities

The Office of Academic Publications (AP) edits and/or proofreads a wide variety of nonnews publications each year, including: University Catalog, Student Handbook, commencement booklet, flyers, citations, school certificates, biographical sketches, posters, book chapters, journal articles, reports, advertisements, and more. In many cases, AP is required to create copy; however, depending on the content, it may be determined that the client is most appropriately the source of content. In either case, AP staff will help fine tune the publication, as follows:

  • Ensure consistent University editorial and graphic standards
  • Verify facts and data
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Check for consistency and logic
  • Review for structure and organization
  • Organize content for greatest impact, clarity, and readability
  • Suggest word choices that fit the intended audience
  • Work to make what is good better, and what is great, outstanding

In addition, AP assists with layout and design of nonnews publications, as needed. The office is also a general resource for questions regarding grammar, punctuation, usage; MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago Manual of Style formats; and copyright questions.

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