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Video Production – Professional Services


Service goals

  • Provide Studio or Remote production.
  • Provide an environment where faculty and staff can receive full production services including: project planning, script writing, directing, production services, post-production and publishing.
  • Deliver quality projects of your educational content.

Service planning and review process

Semi-Annually Fall and Spring Quarters

  • University Faculty Council
  • Learning and Technology Committee Review Fall and Spring
  • Academic Deans
  • Joint Officers and Deans

How to initiate service

Ways of initiating service:

  • Email edtech@llu.edu
  • Call extension 44748
  • Call helpdesk extension 48611

Expected activities

A typical production schedule is four-eight weeks depending on complexity.

  1. Open a service ticket.
  2. Follow-up per “Expected Service Levels” below.
  3. Pre-production
    1. Schedule a pre-production meeting between the studio engineer and project coordinator.
    2. Create and agree on production scope and schedule.
    3. Complete the pre-production checklist.
    4. Develop and approve scripts and storyboards, as required.
    5. Reserve studio in the Events Management System.
  4. Production
    1. Prep studio prior to recording session.
    2. Record session.
    3. Review and adjust scope and schedule based on change request.
  5. Post-production
    1. Edit audio and video content to meet the production plan.
    2. Preview video with production coordinator.
    3. Deliver finished product.

Expected service levels

Complexity LevelSample IssueResponse TimeResolution Time
Complexity LevelSample IssueResponse TimeResolution Time
Simple (single camera) Simple lectures; reshoot of existing video 1-3 days Typical four week production schedule. (Your project may vary.)

Week 1 Pre-production meetings

Week 2 Recording Sessions

Week 3-4 Post-production and delivery.

Simple (multi-camera) Panel discussions; interviews 1-3 days Typical six week production schedule. (Your project may vary.)

Week 1-2 Pre-production meetings

Week 3-4 Recording Sessions

Week 5-6 Post-production and delivery.

Project (full production) Multi-scenes; multi-sets (props); multi-guest speakers; multi-cameras 2-4 days Typical eight week production schedule. (Your project may vary.)

Week 1-2 Pre-production meetings

Week 3-5 Recording Sessions

Week 6-8 Post-production and delivery.

Information Services A to Z

Information Systems values

  • Service with a smile
  • Reachable
  • Available resources
  • Organized system
  • Internal Communication
  • Equipment maintenance reliable
  • Product or service knowledge
  • Forward thinking
  • Listening well – understanding message
  • Can do attitude – Service oriented
  • Internal Collaboration
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