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Video Capture and Streaming


Jason Zadra, Video Production Engineer, jzadra@llu.edu

Ted Walker, Video Conferencing Engineer, twalker@llu.edu

Ronson Wolf, Events Media Engineer, rwolf@llu.edu

Service goals

ETS is committed to assist faculty and staff in providing effective educational assets through the use of Video Streaming technologies.

Service planning and review process

Semi-Annually Fall and Spring Quarters

  • VP Finance
  • Joint Officers and Deans

How to initiate service

There are three ways of initiating service:

Expected activities

  1. Follow-up per “Expected Service Levels” below.
  2. Complete Media Request Form.
  3. Initial consultation with Video Production Engineer
  4. Determine if event needs to be staffed.
    • If Staffed see Event Media Support above
  5. Assess site to ensure appropriate wired connectivity.
  6. Up-And-Running training on Video Streaming technologies
  7. Ensure availability of required equipment.
  8. Test equipment
  9. Schedule delivery or pick up, if needed
  10. Follow-up survey.

Expected service levels

Complexity LevelSample IssueResponse TimeResolution Time
Simple (single camera, no staff) Simple lectures 1-3 days Week 1: Initial Consult and Site Assessment

Week 2: Recording Sessions

Information Services A to Z

Information Systems values

  • Service with a smile
  • Reachable
  • Available resources
  • Organized system
  • Internal Communication
  • Equipment maintenance reliable
  • Product or service knowledge
  • Forward thinking
  • Listening well – understanding message
  • Can do attitude – Service oriented
  • Internal Collaboration
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