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Learning Asset Creation


Service goals

  • Keep current with the latest technology and resources.
  • Be skilled in many levels of pedagogical development, instructional technology, and multi-media production.
  • Find the best blend of instructional technologies and methods to create engaging and effective learning environments for LLU students.

Service planning and review process

Semi-Annually Fall and Spring Quarters

  • University Faculty Council
  • Learning and Technology Committee Review Fall and Spring
  • Academic Deans
  • Joint Officers and Deans

How to initiate service

Ways of initiating service:

Expected activities

  1. Open a service ticket.
  2. Follow-up per “Expected Service Levels” below.
  3. Determine the skills and knowledge that must be taught and the asset learning objective.
  4. Determine the appropriate technology to use for development.
  5. Work with faculty on translating course material into electronic learning asset.
  6. Publish the learning asset to appropriate destination.
  7. Store the learning asset in the Sharepoint Learning Object Repository
  8. Facilitate the production of all types of media, from interactive learning modules to video production.

Expected service levels

PrioritySample IssueResponse TimeResolution Time
Project Learning Object Creation 1-3 days Two to four weeks
Normal Updates to an existing object 24 hours One to two weeks
Minor Minor modifications for existing object 24 hours One week
Critical Object not working. Users unable to access learning object.

Learning Object Repository inaccessible.

4 hours Continuous effort

Information Services A to Z

Information Systems values

  • Service with a smile
  • Reachable
  • Available resources
  • Organized system
  • Internal Communication
  • Equipment maintenance reliable
  • Product or service knowledge
  • Forward thinking
  • Listening well – understanding message
  • Can do attitude – Service oriented
  • Internal Collaboration
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