Faculty Dining Room


We are closed Sabbath and Sunday

11175 Campus Street, Suite 21105
Loma Linda, CA 92354
(909) 558-8241

Unknown by most but cherished by its regulars, FDR has been a hidden treasure until now. This eatery is located on the 2nd level of Coleman Pavilion and serves fresh, healthy, and delicious vegetarian options alongside vegan dishes. This facility is perfect for lunch meetings and small group gatherings. Call now to make a reservation. 

Faculty Dining Room (FDR) is located at Suite 21105, 2nd Floor of Coleman Pavilion building adjacent to Loma Linda University Medical Center. It is operated and managed by the Loma Linda University Catering with offices located in the Basement Level of the same building. This facility is a perfect venue for lunch meetings and small group gatherings. Come dine with us today! Reserve your table ahead!

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Download our Current Month's Menu now with Living Whole items coming soon.



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Coleman Pavilion Suite 21105

Weekly menu May 15, 2016 – May 21, 2016

Sunday 5/15

  • Closed

Monday 5/16

  • Lunch 11 am–2 pm


Mexican Menu

Stacked Cheese and Green Chili Enchiladas Vegetarian

Chimichanga and Salsa Vegetarian

Nopales with Vege Meat Vegetarian

Mexican Rice Vegetarian

Refried Beans Vegan

Steamed Corn & Broccoli

Tortilla Soup Vegetarian

Living Whole Menu

Fettuccini with Basil Tomato Sauce Living Whole

Minestrone Soup

Kale Salad Vegan

Traditional Menu

Vege Chicken Stuffing Vegetarian


Hawaiian Rolls

Tuesday 5/17

  • Lunch 11 am–2 pm


Italian Menu

Pasta Primavera Vegetarian

Florentine Crepes Vegetarian

Italian White Bean Stew Vegan

French Green Beans

Garlic Bread

Hearty Ten Vegetable Soup Vegan

Living Whole Menu

Tofu Indian Stir-Fry Living Whole Vegan

Brown Basmati Rice Living Whole

Squash, Sweet Potato, Corn Chowder Living Whole

Traditional Menu

Breaded Skallops with Tartar Sauce Vegetarian

Fingerling Potatoes Vegetarian

Assorted Dinner Rolls
Selection of dinner rolls.

Wednesday 5/18

  • Lunch 11 am–2 pm


Mediterranean Menu

Stuffed Eggplant Vegetarian

Rice with Lentil Vegan

Grilled Vegetables Vegan

Falafel Balls with Tahini Sauce Vegan

Hummus and Pita Bread Vegan

Taboulih Salad Vegan

Grape Leaves Vegan

Middle Eastern Lentil Soup Vegan

Living Whole Menu

Stuffed Acorn Squash Living Whole

Quinoa and Smoked Tofu Salad Living Whole Vegan

Traditional Menu

Cottage Cheese Patties Vegetarian

Au Gratin Potato Vegetarian

Hawaiian Rolls

Thursday 5/19

  • Lunch 11 am–2 pm


Asian Menu

Orange Vege Chicken Vegetarian

Tofu Eggplant with Black Beans Vegan

Stir-Fry Vegetables Vegan

Pancit Vegan

Brown Rice Vegan

Vegetable Egg Rolls

Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup Vegetarian

Three Beans Soup Vegetarian

Living Whole Menu

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers w/ Quinoa Living Whole

Tri Bean Salad Living Whole

Traditional Menu

Deluxe Vege Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Vegetarian

Mushroom Sauce Vegetarian

Fingerling Potatoes Vegetarian

Friday 5/20

  • Lunch 11 am–2 pm


Indian Menu

Vege Chicken in Cashew Nut Sauce Vegetarian

Curried Potato Cakes Vegetarian

Basmati Rice Vegan

Vegetable Pakoras Vegetarian

Samosa & Chutney Vegetarian

Garlic Naan Bread Vegetarian

Chickpea Curry Dahl Vegan

Living Whole

Avocado and White Beans Wrap Living Whole

Traditional Menu

Vege Burger and Hot Dog Bar
Create your own sandwich.

Vege Patties Vegetarian

Vege Hotdog Vegetarian

French Fries

Saturday 5/21

  • Closed