East Campus Cafe


East Campus Cafe is vegetarian and caffeine free.  Hot Food is served during meal hours listed with the salad bar, snacks, and drinks served all day from open to close.


Please note the menu is subject to change due to product availability or production needs.

Questions?  Please call x66224


Loma Linda University East Campus 25333 Barton Road Loma Linda, CA 92354


  • Breakfast 7 am–10 am
  • Lunch 11 am–3 pm
  • Dinner 4:30 pm–6:30 pm

Daily menu Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Eggs                stripples                 tater tots
cream of wheat
Tofu Tikka massala
Creamy Coconut lentil Curry
Bismati Rice                                  pitta bread
samosa / Indian Style Cauliflower
Chiabatta Bar
Lentil soup