Anay Salgado Receives LAUSD Scholarship

Congratulations to Anay Salgado, 3rd year occupational therapy student and recipient of the LAUSD Scholarship!

For others interested in applying, Anay shares the following:
The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) offers a scholarship position students enrolled in the second year of the MS Occupational Therapy Program. This scholarship is for $5,000, and the district will offer a school-based position contingent upon successfully meeting the following criteria: 1) complete the requirements for the Occupational Therapy Master’s Degree, 2) successfully pass the NBCOT exam, and 3) obtain a CA license in occupational therapy. The recipient will work for the occcupational therapy program with LAUSD for two full school years following receipt of their California license.

For more information about the LAUSD Scholarship: scholarshipflyerLLUCBCY122015PDF