Congrats to the Class of 2016

Today, the class of 2016 completed their graduate retreat and final day as occupational therapy students. To culminate the event, Dr. Juan Carlos Belliard delivered a moving message about how to truly embody compassion when serving others (pictured below).
Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 2016 as your professional journey continues. The faculty and staff at Loma Linda University’s Department of Occupational Therapy are extremely proud of your accomplishments!

Graduate Retreat

2016-03-28 10.30.52_resizedAmy Liu, class of 2017, shares the dorsal blocking splint she made and discusses early motion protocols in flexor tendon injuries during the graduate retreat’s evidence-based practice discussion groups. Graduating students debrief about their fieldwork experiences, plan for graduation, and prepare for the beginning of their careers as occupational therapists.

A Student’s Service Learning Reflection: Little Free Library 4 Kids

A special thank you to the Class of 2017 for their desire to serve the community. Below is a reflection from one of our 2nd year OT student about her service learning experience.

The intention of The Little Free Library 4 Kids was to promote early literacy for children. We gathered free books that children could borrow, helped them with their homework, provided light refreshments, and encouraged family participation in their child’s education. We entered the community and worked with children of all ages once a week for 1 hour for 10 weeks.

At the end of the program we reflected on our time together, and here is some information we gathered. The children all agreed that they liked the snacks provided. They felt that they have learned something one way or the other. It was mentioned that they would have liked books that were more age appropriate for them, such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Having those types of age appropriate books would have encouraged them to read more. A lot of the books were for children that were younger and they had no interest in those books. They ultimately wanted to be challenged.

Upon our last day, the children were sad and asked many times when we will return and why we were leaving. The volunteers thanked them for coming and a child responded by saying, “Why are you thanking us . . . we should be thanking you guys!” We felt that we have really bonded with all of them, and it was heartwarming to hear such appreciation.

Upon serving them all pizza for their wonderful participation, they initiated a prayer in which we have never done so as a group. The prayer was lead by a child and almost brought us to tears. With moments such as these, we hope to keep programs like The Little Free Library 4 Kids running and keep bringing the skills we have learned in the classroom as OT students into our communities.

Just when you think you might not have made a difference, you may be surprised.

-Norma Eng, Class of 2017