AOTA Conference 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee

This year, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) annual conference was held in April in Nashville, Tennessee. Loma Linda University MOT students representing the first and second year classes were able to attend. Lindsey shares about her experience below.

The AOTA Conference in Nashville, TN was so inspiring and created in me a deeper passion for our beloved profession of Occupational Therapy. I was honored and blessed to have attended the conference and grow as both a professional and an individual. I was presented with ample opportunities to meet with colleagues and discuss various topics within our scope of practice. At the Expo Hall I was able to see first hand how the innovative technological advances are beneficial to our future clients and their independence. I was fascinated by the generosity and willingness of researchers to educate us students and share their passion with us.
I developed a greater appreciation and deeper understanding of the kind of difference we as Occupational Therapists can make. I loved the camaraderie and energy of all the students, faculty, staff, members and nonmembers that were representing OT throughout the city. I was motivated to continue to advocate and spread awareness for our beautiful and life changing profession.
Lindsey Loftus
LLU MOT class of 2016


Compiled by Megan Meyer
LLU MOT class of 2016