Transition from Student to Doctor

It’s hard to believe it, but I’m a 4th year medical student now! I took Step 2 CK, took a couple weeks off to relax with family, and just finished a month of ICU. It was a hard month, but I learned so much. I realized something truly magical happens between 2nd year and residency….

Know Your Patient

One of the expectations of students during internal medicine rotation is to “know your patient.” An attending once told me: “You should know your patient’s vital signs overnight, their new imaging results, who lives at home with them, what meds they are taking, even the name of their dog.” His statement produced a few chuckles,…

A Tired Look in the Rear-View Mirror

There is a certain tiredness that seems to encapsulate medical students around late April. Usually, it is because final exams are in early to mid May for first and second years and the stress and anxiety level skyrocket along with everyone simply feeling burnt after a long year of studying. However, even as a third…

A Day in the Life of a… 24-hour on-call surgery student

0445: Wake up after snoozing for 10 minutes. Fortunately, I packed all my food the night before. Shower and eat breakfast. 0520: Hit the road for my 25 minute drive to the county hospital. My inner Lightning McQueen makes the drive over rural country roads through the hills a fun way to start my day….

Cover Pulling

This past week I started my psychiatry clerkship. I began the rotation with one week on Addictions at the Veterans Affairs hospital. Throughout our time at the VA, my classmates and I spent time attending clinic and various group recovery sessions. At clinic we shadowed residents who were interviewing new patients that wanted to initiate…