One year down, One year to go!

On August 30, 2018, my class and I finally got our white coats. I have never worked so hard for a piece of clothing in my life. This white coat is a symbol of what we as a class have accomplished in the past year. And what a crazy year it has been. For me there was many changes in my life. I moved across the country to attend graduate school. The move was so stressful to me that I was sick the whole drive across country.  I left an amazing job that the Lord blessed me with and left behind good memories and amazing people in good ole North Carolina. I experienced A LOT of new things (which if you know me, I do not do well with new situations). This past year I was blessed with some pretty great classmates which have become my best friends and I would even say my home away from home. I have taken probably about over 50 tests and studied thousands of hours. I have experience some of my highs highs in my life and also the lowest lows of my life. I know that I have become more independent and more confident in who I am. This past year I have also been able to grow in my relationship with Christ through attending Chapel every wednesdays and attending church on Sunday morning. I know that the Lord called me to come out to California and I was just trusting in him for the why. The why was so that I would grow in my relationship with him and be able to be a light in California.

So as I reflect on this past year and wear this white coat, I can truly say that this white coat is more than just a coat. It is a representation of the hard work that I and my classmates have accomplished this year and the growth we have made as people. I am excited to see what this last year of school holds as I enter into my rotations and start preparing for my future career. I am excited to continue to grow in my knowledge and faith.

I want to thank my family for their support, because without them I would not have been able to make this move. Thank you to my teachers at Loma Linda University for teaching me and pushing me to do my best. Thank you to my classmates for being there for me when I had questions and for my support. Thank you to Loma Linda University for providing all the resources that I needed to be a successful student. Here is to year 2 of school!