We are Accredited!!!


I started the Pathologists’ Assistant program at Loma Linda University in September 2017.  At that time, the program was in “serious applicant status” with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. In October, my classmates and I got to be a part of the NAACLS site visit. This is where faculty from other programs come to  our school and learn about the program. The site visit went very well!

In April, we heard the news that we were awarded accreditation for five years – the longest possible time period for a new applicant! That is very exciting because we are a new program. There are a total of 12 pathologists’ assistant programs in the United States,  and Loma Linda is the only one on the West Coast.

I know that Cherie (our program director) has been working for many years on getting this program started! So thank you Cherie for all your hard work and dedication! I am so grateful to be under your leadership and to learn from you!

Thank you to the School of Medicine for providing us with the resources and believing that having a Pathologists’ Assistant program added to your school would be a great addition to Loma Linda University.

THANK YOU to the first and second class that have paved the way for us! Because of your feedback, our experience has been great. You gave feedback on the Embryology exams so we had four instead of two (thank you very much!) To the first class that started in 2015, thank you for applying and believing in this program to get it started! Thank you to the second years (who graduated this past Sunday, CONGRATS!) for mentoring us and helping us in our first year.

I am very thankful to be in such a fantastic program! God has truly blessed me and my classmates with this program!