Thank you to the teacher who didn’t speak


This past week was teacher appreciation week. I want to thank my amazing teachers that I have here at Loma Linda University but I also want to thank the teacher who couldn’t speak. About a month ago, our school hosted a memorial service for our Anatomy and Physiology cadaver lab. It was a time to be with the families and thank them for their loved one’s contribution to our education. It was a beautiful service, and I would like to take this post to thank them!

One of the greatest things about being in the program at Loma Linda University, is that we get to learn about human anatomy in a cadaver lab. There are four students assigned to each cadaver, therefore we each got an opportunity to participate in the lab. The first day of lab I was nervous because I have never done a cadaver lab before. However, once we got started it slowly became one of my favorite classes.

One of the medical students during the ceremony was talking about how the last person that held the cadavers body in His hand was God. What a privilege it is to be the next person who gets the opportunity to run my hands on muscles and organs, helping me to learn and appreciating how amazing Gods creation is. I was excited to go to lab every Wednesday afternoon because that was a special place that I got to see first hand all the intricate designs of my maker. It was a special kind of worship where I grew more appreciative to the notion that I am a creation of God. That He had a hand in making every part of my body.

So I want to say thank you to my cadaver for being able to teach me with out any words. I know that I will be a better Pathologists’ Assistant because of you! I now know the muscles of the body and all the vasculature as well. It grew my knowledge for anatomy as well as a greater appreciation for my creator. Thank you so much for teaching me even when you couldn’t speak.



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