Happy Pathologists’ Assistant Day!

Happy PA DAY!!!!

Today is the first time that I can celebrate Pathologists’ Assistant Day! What is a pathologist’s assistant? Well we are kind of like a specialized PA for pathologists. When I graduate, I will be able to gross specimens and help perform autopsies. For anyone who doesn’t know yet, I want to eventually end up in the teaching aspects of being a PA. I know that I will enjoy being in the gross room however, I do have a passion for teaching and would love to pursue that part of this career as well.

Since it is PA day, I want to take sometime to thank some people who have helped me get to where I am today. First I want to thank God for blessing me with this opportunity. I truly do not think I could have made a move all the way across the country if I knew that someone wasn’t there with me for ever step. I can look back on the process of me deciding to come to school and I can see that God had his hand in every part of the process.

I want to thank my parents and family for supporting me. Love y’all so much, words cannot even begin to describe how much I miss you all. Thank you for allowing me to move away from North Carolina and pursue my dreams. Y’all are the best!

Thank you to an almost PA Molly H. I still remember our senior year when you opened my eyes to this profession. Through your blog and through talking to you about the programs and experience, you made me really want to join this field. I will forever be grateful for your guidance. You will make an awesome PA one day!

Last but definitely not least I want to thank the PA’s at Loma Linda University for investing their time and efforts in me to make the best PA I can be. I strive to be as good as you all are. Thank you to Cherie and Michael for working hard to help us start this program and teach us. Thank you so Shawn, Maria and Cindy who are the most awesome Pathologists’ Assistants EVER!!! I hope that I am just as great at my job like y’all one day. I also hope that I am as kind when helping other students learn. Without any of you, this program would not be growing into the amazing program it is.

Being a Pathologists’ Assistant is an interesting job that will always keep you entertained. So thank you to all the PA who paved the way for me and my classmates to pursue this career and eventually help out our medical communities!

Thanks for reading my Oscar worthy thank you. (LOLOLOL) If you know a PA or future PA, wish them a HAPPY PATHOLOGISTS’ ASSITANTS DAY!!!!!

-Meghan Dorrell

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