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New Website Design

In accordance with Loma Linda University Health Web Center “Look 17” website redesign, the University Libraries website is scheduled to be updated this Thursday, Nov. 16.  The new library look will match the rest of the university’s websites.  The new design is responsive to various screen sizes making tablet and mobile browsing friendlier. We have strove to maintain the same level of access to the library information resources as you are accustomed.  We look forward to serving your information needs via this new design.

First Floor – Walls are going up

Walls for the university IT department are going up in the first floor of the Del E. Webb Library

Scary Predatory Publishing

New Feature for VisualDX

New Feature Categorizes Differential Results for a Faster Diagnosis

COMING NOVEMBER 1: VisualDx desktop users will see a new “tab” view of differential diagnosis results.

The six tabs at the top of the differential will categorize results for quick diagnosis: Consider 1st, Consider 2nd, Emergencies, Infectious, Drug Induced, and View All.

A color bar at the top of each diagnosis indicates the number of matching findings. For instance, in the photo below, the first two diagnosis match 6/6 findings while the highlighted diagnosis, Herpes simplex virus, matches 5/6. Hovering over a diagnosis will reveal which findings do not match.

The new display aims to help clinicians quickly identify possibilities for the most accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

This change was made thanks to our user feedback and testing. We always welcome you comments at feedback@visualdx.com.

Medicine Students Studying for Mid-terms

A little humor by our School of Medicine students helps make studying for mid-terms a little easier.

Creepy Crawlies in the First Floor Construction

The Library’s First Floor is off limits while construction is taking place.  Thank you.

1st Floor Renovation has Started!

At long last and after many delays, the first floor renovation of the University Library has begun.  Currently, we are in the middle of the demolition phase.  Old florescent lighting fixtures have been removed the the ceiling is starting to come down.  Information technology staff in the basement have been relocated to room 101 for the duration of the renovation.






When completed, by the end of this year, the first floor will contain a large student study space, group study rooms and the LLU Information Technology department will be located here giving convenient access to the LLU HelpDesk.

Here are some ideas of what the new space will possibly look like when it is completed (designs are subject to change).

First Floor Layout

Isabel adds Merck Manual Professional to its Knowledge pages

On October 3rd, Isabel Adult & Pediatrics added free integrated access to the extensive content in Merck Manual Professional.  You will see Merck as a choice in the top left hand side of the Isabel Knowledge pages, where integrated resources are placed.

Back to School Bash

September 25 was the Annual LLU Student Back to School Bash.  Charlie the skeleton was all decked out for the “Great Outdoors” theme.  The University Libraries had a good time introducing ourselves to the new and returning students at the start of the new school year.

Isabel iOS 11 – New App Needed

Users of iPads and iPhone who have upgraded to iOS 11+ need to install the New Isabel app to continue to use Isabel.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Existing users – Delete the Isabel app from your device and follow the instructions below.
  2. New Users  – Follow the instructions below.
  3. From a device connected to the LLU/MC wired or wireless network, go to either Isabel-Adult or Isabel-Pediatrics. 
  4. Click on the “Mobile Access” link.  Take note of the UserID and Password displayed.  Select Logoff.
  5. You will be on the main Isabel homepage (https://www.isabelhealthcare.com), save the shortcut to your home screen. Click on the new home screen icon – select ‘login’ and enter the UserID and password you noted earlier, check ‘remember me’ to save login details.

NOTE: iPhone  – Safari users will need to  disable  “Block Pop ups” in  Settings in order to get to the linked resources.   Settings >> Safari >> Block Pop-ups OFF