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UpToDate Subscription Cancellation

The Library’s subscription to UpToDate will end on May 31, 2012.     Unfortunately, the cost to continue the subscription would be prohibitively expensive for the University Library to maintain.

The Library, in conjunction with the Medical Center, provides other quality point-of-care tools,  which you can use instead.  Find these point-of-care tools on the VIP Intranet Clinical Desktop and on the LLU Libraries Databases page:

DynaMed is an evidence-based clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health-care professionals for use primarily at the point-of-care.  It contains clinically-organized summaries for over 3200 medical topics.  DynaMed is updated daily and monitors over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases in order to integrate new evidence within existing content.

MD Consult, reinforced by the First Consult iPad/iPhone app, can be used together for comprehensive clinical information—first, through the quick reference, point-of-care content of the First Consult iPad app, then, through the more in-depth reference content of MD Consult.

Micromedex in addition to comprehensive and reliable drug information provides both in-depth and summary clinical monographs through DISEASEDEX Emergency Medicine (evidence-based acute information) and DISEASEDEX General Medicine (evidence-based diagnosis and treatment information).

Unlike our UpToDate subscription, these are available from on- and off-campus and via mobile devices.    Mobile Access instructions for these and other resources are available on the Library’s Mobile Access guide. For more information about library resources for clinicians, see the Clinicians Library User Guide.

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    Hi There Libsys,
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    Avast anti-virus is a product; just keep it up-to-date. The Windows firewall will protect your PC; leave it turned on.