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Friday-lite links: interesting chatter from across the web

  • Trying to stay current with the oil spill conditions, or merely curious about the exact extent? Check out the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) GATOR map. It provides real time alerts, information, and updates on oil on Florida’s coastline. This GeoWeb application is an amazing example of the power of spatial technologies.

Happy Friday, and happy reading!

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  • Gareth

    In the statement of Michelle Kraft of the Krafty Librarian weighs in on the post “Should medical professionals get an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone? It’s complicated,” but relevant. Many people are switching over to Smart phones now so I don’t think the question relates to the type of phone but more so to what smart phones can offer in the way that synchronization to your PC/laptop or tablet and the vast amount of applications available.
    If you take Medscape, or its competitor Medpage and Visual DX alone as an app on your phone, what more do you require for instant research to help in your diagnoses or possible treatment.
    For rural areas that have a cell signal what about Airstrip Cardiology for Cardiac waveform data that can be viewed and analyzed — leading to a quicker diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients. So yes … I think EVERY medical professional who does not have a smart phone is just losing out.