Days 20-23: Loca-motive on Venice Beach at Day Break

Imagine this: its 4:30 a.m. on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, we’ve been running for almost 24 hours as members of the Ragnar Relay, when one of our attractive female runners shoots a glance of fear and trepidation in my direction. The next leg of the relay was hers to run, and the running route was right through the heart of some nefarious real estate, and not adjacent to the van escort route. She felt unsafe and wanted me to run her route. I was sooo looking forward to my leg, the Hermosa Beach run, scheduled to begin about 7:30 in the morning – down the pier, and along the bike route adjacent to the beach – sounded sweet. However, my paternal instincts kicked in and I somewhat reluctantly agreed to cover for her. I began my run at the famous Santa Monica pier, and down the beach and immediately encountered some seedy looking characters.
As I wound my way down the beach with the first rays of dawn breaking through the ether, I heard the sweets sounds of Billie Holiday coming from somewhere, I had a chance to reflect on the locavore experience. I had eaten out for lunch and dinner yesterday – both business meals – and not a single menu item referenced local food in either restaurant. It was ironic that we started the race in Oxnard, well known for its ground crops, how difficult would it be to offer locally grown food on the menu? I learned today from Don at the Drayson Center that the Loma Linda Food market, which offers only vegetarian products, is trying to buy most of its produce locally. I am going to pay them a visit tomorrow and speak to the manager. In the meantime, Gary Leavitt of CSA provided me another brilliant package of locally grown vegetables, which I am going home to consume in a few minutes.
cheers, Dr.D.

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  1. Tricia Says:

    Thanks for sacrificing the run of your dreams :)

  2. Brian Says:

    Next year . . .

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