New Exhibit Celebrates the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination’s 150th Anniversary

New Exhibit on Display at The Heritage Research Center

New Exhibit on Display at The Heritage Research Center

In celebration of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination’s 150th anniversary, the Heritage Research Center is hosting an exhibit featuring an overview of Adventist history. The exhibit highlights the history of the church from the Millerite Movement to the growth of the denomination and global ministry on twelve colorful banners.

The 150th Anniversary Exhibit is on display only for a short period of time, so be sure to stop by today! The Heritage Research Center is located within the Vernier Radcliffe wing of the Del E. Webb Memorial Library, across the breezeway from Magan Hall.

To read more about the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and teachings of the church, read “United for Mission: One Hundred and Fifty Years, From Great Disappointment to General Conference” at

United for Mission: One Hundred and Fifty Years

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Book Sale Next Week!

Just finished setting up for our annual book sale. We have some great out of print/hard to find books, volumes and other related Adventist materials on sale. Be sure to stop by next week and support the Heritage Research Center.

Check the attached flyer for details!

 HRC Book Sale Poster with Address 2014

2014 Heritage Research Center Book Sale

Just a reminder that the Heritage Research Center book sale is scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8 am and will be ending on Friday, March 7 at noon. This is probably our largest sale yet, so stop by for some great finds. In many cases there are multiple copies of sought-after/out of print titles. Hope to see some of our followers there!

Lots of people came into the Heritage Research Center for its annual book sale.

Lots of people came into the Heritage Research Center for its annual book sale last year.

Seventh-day Adventists and health: Celebrating 150 years of the Adventist health message

Ministry Magazine, International Journal for Pastors December 2013

Ministry Magazine, International Journal for Pastors
December 2013

Branch director, Theodore Levterov just publish another fascinating article in the December 2013 issue of Ministry Magazine. In the article, Dr. Levterov discusses healthy eating habits adopted by the church over the last 150 years. The article also touches on attitudes from Sabbatarian Adventists in the 1850s. For your perusal, the HRC team has put the article online for your convenience.

Seventh-day Adventists and health: Celebrating 150 years of the Adventist health message

Trinity Doctrine Pastoral Conference

Trinity Logo

On Monday, December 2, 2013, the White Estate Branch Office, the Heritage Research Center, and the School of Religion of Loma Linda University, sponsored a conference for pastors in the Southern and Southeastern California conferences entitled, Trinity Doctrine Pastoral Conference.   The presenters were John W. Reeve, Jon Paulien, Gilbert Valentine and Richard Rice who addressed the question of the Trinity from Biblical, historical and denominational perspectives.  Because the issue of the Trinity is a hot topic in our Seventh-day Adventist churches today, this conference was very appropriate.  The large turnout and positive feedback from the pastors highlighted that very point.  For those who missed the conference, below are links to the conference program and topic presentation from each speaker.


Trinity Conference Program

 How the Early Church Let Scripture Guide them to the Trinity - By John W. Reeve

Jesus and the God of Judaism - By Jon Paulien

Clearer Views of Jesus - By Gilbert Valentine

What the Doctrine of the Trinity Does (and Doesn’t) Say about God By Richard Rice

Ninth Annual Loma Linda History Fair

Loma Linda Sanitarium, Circa 1905

Loma Linda Sanitarium, Circa 1905

The Department of Archives and Special Collection will have a photograph exhibit on display at this year’s ninth annual History Fair.  Be sure to stop by on Sunday, November 17, between 2 pm and 5 pm at the Senior Center (located at 25541 Barton Road, behind City Hall). The exhibit, The Story of Loma Linda, will showcase photographs from the Loma Linda Sanitarium. Please stop by and meet the department.



Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, staff thought this menu from the Loma Linda Sanitarium, circa 1914, was fitting to post. Thanksgiving is a day intended to remind us of the blessings of God. People celebrate with food and family togetherness. What do you plan to serve this Thanksgiving and what are you most Thankful for?

Thanksgiving 1914 Menu from Loma Linda Sanitarium

Menu, Circa 1914 from Loma Linda Sanitarium

Ellen G. White Encyclopedia


The White Estate is proud to introduce this upcoming book that brings together hundreds of articles that describe the people and events in the life of Ellen White. This is the ultimate resource for anything related to Ellen White. This book gives readers an understanding on her views and numerous topics relating to her. Everything from the hymns she loved to the ministry of healing, are covered in this book. You’ll find a detailed account of her life and encompassing articles on her ministry, her theology, and her statements in the light of advancing scientific knowledge. The book is expected to be released early 2014.