ENVH: GIS tools: Finally, a nationally relevant conversation

The USEPA just appointed Matthew Tejada as the EPA’s new Director for the Office of Environmental Justice. That office brings together community, public health and GIS in a way that is recognized at the USEPA. I’m pleased that an activist has been hired for the position. By reading his achievements, I was reminded of the dreams, struggles and projects that so many of our partners in the eastern Coachella Valley have gone through. Click here to read the article.

Matthew Tejada shows resedents of Galena park, air pollution readings from a hand held sensor.

Our university is on the right track with our Health Geoinformatics program. Our program is active with activities in crowdsourcing,  ground truthing, coordination of promotoras and a unique promotora training academy. Students get exposure to many of these activities in the field with real people living real lives.  We are working with partners in Coachella Valley who are planning the Friday, February 22nd Environmental Justice Bus Tour.  This is the type of event and crowd that our school of public health is trained to work with, facilitate, listen to, and partner with.


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