FACULTY UPDATE: Dr. Jayakaran Job

Dr. Jayakaran Job and other LLU faculty are researcher partners in NIH’s National Children’s Study.

From School of Public Health News:

The LLU School of Public Health and School of Medicine are helping lead local efforts of a landmark nationwide study, the National Children’s Study. Faculty will participate in monitoring 1,000 children in San Bernardino County from birth until age 21.

Nationwide, the study will follow 105,000 children across the United States. It will keep track of what they eat, drink, touch, and breathe. Other information to be studied includes some of the nation’s most pressing health problems, including autism, birth defects, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Read More at the SPH news website:

Other GLBH faculty who are involved include: Pramil Singh and Seth Wiafe.

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